About us 

Our Baby Monkeys are house trained, diaper and leash trained, and wears clothes. All our marmoset monkeys are vaccinated, intelligent, acrobatic, and very healthy. These monkeys are just the best pet you can think of for your family. Love people so much especially kids and will be the number one attraction in your family. Hello, monkey lovers looking to purchase a marmoset, capuchin, macaque, tamarin, squirrel monkey, or any other primate species as petsitting is important you do the necessary research to make sure you're ready for this lifelong commitment. The majority of Capuchin monkeys live for a very long time ranging from 15-25 years for marmosets (or finger monkeys .Pygmy marmoset as some people like to call them) and up to 45 years for capuchins. Unlike in the wild, monkeys kept as pets often live much longer since there are no predators in our homes and we have access to monkey vets. Monkeys are very social animals so you'll need to spend a lot of time with them unless you get them a playmate. While baby monkeys can be handled by children, adult monkeys are very bad pets for kids since they can be unpredictable at times. Before buying a pet monkey, make sure you do the necessary research so you can find out if you're ready for this commitment. ​ ​We breed Capuchin monkeys. We have hand fed babies available year-round. The babies are bottle-fed by us and are totally tame. They come with starter food and training. They are all guaranteed healthy. We are one of the largest breeders in the state.

 YES WE DO SHIP ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA When you purchase directly from us you will be invited to our home, which is clean and well cared for USDA licensed facility in good standing with the USDA. We will assist in educating you with all the concerns and needs of all Primates you purchase ensuring a happy and successful future with your new friend. We have and will provide you Upon request references of many happy customers. This will give you the peace of mind you need due to all of the fraud committed online in the exotic animal business.